Easy Ways to remove Angle Grinder Disc

Removing the disc of an angle grinder can be quite difficult and confusing for beginners. If you have the right kind of tool with you, it will take less than a few minutes to completely remove the disc from an angle grinder. There are several ways in which you can remove a disc from your grinder and here we list the easiest way that you can do it.

Ways to remove the Angle Grinder Disc

1) Using Wrench

The first step that you have to do in removing the disc from the grinder is to disconnect the power. It helps you to securely remove the disc without injuring yourself in any way. If you are using a cordless angle grinder, then you have to remove the battery first.

After detaching the power source from your grinder, you can start the actual removing process. You will most surely get a flat wrench with two separate keys on your purchase of the grinder. This wrench helps to remove the disc easily.

You can use this wrench to attach into the bolt present to the bottom of the disc. Then, you have to manually rotate the wrench in the opposite direction of the rotor direction arrow. There will also be a button that helps to hold the disc in place. You have to turn the nut until the disc comes off the grinder. This is an easy and simple way to remove the disc from the grinder without much work.

2) Without Using Wrench

You can remove the disc from the angle grinder even without the use of a default wrench. You can simply use your hand and slide the disc in the opposite direction to the arrow on the disc. This will be a bit difficult as you are simply using your hand. If you try hard enough, the nut that holds the disc to the grinder will loosen a bit. Then, you can simply remove the nut with your fingers to get the disc from your angle grinder.

3) Heating the nut

This may seem like a counter-productive idea. But if it is really difficult to loosen the nut with your hand then you can just heat the nut a bit. You can heat the nut using a gas burner or an autogenous welding machine. This process will loosen up the nut a bit.

Then, you have to use a glove to remove the nut from the grinder so as not to hurt yourself. This is not an easy step as you can easily hurt yourself or damage the grinder with the burner easily. Do this only if you have no wrench available or the nut is tightly held in its place.

4) Tapping with a Chisel

If you have a chisel at your home, then you can place it at an angle to the hole of the nut and gently tap the entire surface of the nut on the disc. This process will help loosen up the nut a bit. Then, you can remove it using your hand or a screwdriver.


Removing the disc from the angle grinder is an easy task if you know how to do it. I hope this post helps you to remove the disc from your grinder without any difficulties.

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