Ryobi P423 Review – Worth The Money?

When it comes to cutting pipes and grinding off excess material, angles grinders are very useful. Ryobi is a popular company known for providing high-quality angle grinders and Ryobi P423 is no exception. It is a powerful and versatile tool that all professional contractors and craftsmen should have. In this article, we have given an in-depth review of Ryobi P423. 

So if you are thinking of buying it, then this article will provide you all the details that you should know. Now without further ado, let’s get into it. 

Ryobi P423

Ryobi P423 18V One+ Brushless 4-1/2' 10,400 RPM Grinder and Metal Cutter w/ Adjustable 3-Position Side Handle and Onboard Spanner Wrench (Battery Not Included, Power Tool Only)

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  • The compact design of this grinder is a great plus point. You could carry it anywhere and it’s very easy to store this tool.
  • It comes with a conventional grip, which makes it convenient to handle this grinder. It is also powerful, so you can easily carry out tough grinding tasks without any hassle
  • This angle grinder has a reliable rotational force. Its speed is also consistent, so you won’t face issues while using it for your DIY or other professional projects

  • The trigger switch can be difficult to operate for beginners
  • The Lithium battery is not included

Salient Features of Ryobi P423

3 Position Side Handle

Ryobi P423 comes with a 3 position side handle that provides better grip and stability. It allows you to use the grinder from different angles and you can easily adjust it as per your needs and the jobs you are using it for.

The grip is also covered by a rubber overmold, which ensures uniform friction, helping you to work efficiently in slippery environments. 

Onboard Spanner Wrench

If you work on multiple applications simultaneously, then you will love the onboard spanner wrench.

It helps you change the discs without putting any extra effort into finding the spanner. It features a lightweight design, which gives you great control whether you are cutting, welding, or grinding through various applications. 

Simple Guard Adjustment

To enhance the functionality of this angle grinder, tool-free guard adjustment is integrated. So whenever you have to adjust the depth of the cut, you could do that by pressing a single button. This unit comes with excellent power with up to 10,400 RPMs, which makes it ideal for various uses.

The portable build allows you to carry and store it anywhere without worrying about space issues. 

Lock-on Switch

The lock-on switch makes it perfect for beginners as they won’t have to worry about losing control over the grinder.

It makes the entire grinding process smoother and also ensures better safety. The brushless motor mechanism enhances the runtime of this tool and provides great longevity. 


If you are in the market for a decent angle grinding tool at an economical price, then Ryobi P423 would be a good option. It is equipped with all the essential features like a trigger switch and a 3-position handle, so you can easily use it for DIY projects and other moderate cutting and grinding jobs. Hope this article will solve your queries and provide some useful information. 

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