Best Variable Speed Angle Grinders of 2021

If you’re into welding; you would know how useful a variable speed angle grinder is. It is a simple handled tool that uses consumable discs. You can use this grinder to cut metal, smoothing a weld, or to remove rust from the metal. However, you must choose the best angle grinder.

Best Variable Speed Angle Grinders

After all, not every variable speed angle grinder is reliable. So to help you get the best deal, we have researched and listed some of the most reliable variable speed angle grinders of 2021 below. There’s also a small buying guide to help you make a better decision.

1) Hoteche 4-1/2

Hoteche 4-1/2' Electric Variable Speed Angle Grinder Trigger Grip Long Handle 950w

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The Hoteche 4-1/2″ Variable Speed Angle Grinder features a ball bearing motor and aluminum gear housing. There’s a trigger grip handle that provides better reach and leverage. As this is a variable speed grinder, you can change the speed at your convenience.

It’s doubly insulated and comes with auto-stop carbon brushes, which prevents the motor from sustaining any damage. It’s a high-power machine that consumes around 950 Watts per hour. In a nutshell, the product is lightweight, powerful, easy to handle, and does the job.

  • Easy to operate
  • Offers good grip
  • The RPM is good, which makes it suitable for different operations

  • It’s not as powerful as it should be

2) Toolman 4.5''

Toolman 4.5'' 5.6A 11500BPM 6 variable speed Angle Grinder Variable Speed DB6815

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The Toolman 4.5″ 5.6A  angle grinder comes with variable speed. It is equipped with a high-performance motor, which makes it quite versatile. It provides effective cutting, shaping, grinding, and grinding of metal. As it’s a variable speed grinder, it comes with six-speed settings.

This model has an alloy head, which makes it tough and durable. It comes with a ventilation cooling system and the device is super easy to install. To provide better convenience, a push-button is also integrated. With this grinder, you’ll get a set of 4 cut-off/masonry discs. You’ll also get a wrench, which you can use to replace the disks.

  • 6 Speed Settings
  • Easy to install and work with
  • Aluminium alloy head for added durability

  • It gets too hot while using

3) Bosch 5 In

Bosch 5 In. Variable-Speed Angle Grinder with Paddle Switch and Dust Guard GWS13-50VSP-DG

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This Bosch Angle Grinder comes with a powerful 13 Amp grinder motor. Also, it can produce up to 11,500 RMP, which makes it suitable for heavy operations. You can find a direct-motor cooling system that prevents any overloads and allows longer usage.

You’ll find a durable dust guard footplate that helps in increasing stability. So, you can make more accurate and cleaner cuts. Also, the brushes it comes with are made from carbon, increasing the product’s durability. The product has a vibration control and a 2-position handle and a paddle that offers good options for gripping.

  • Very comfortable and easy to use
  • It offers Vibration control and is highly durable
  • It offers a good RMP

  • It’s- quite heavy  

4) Metabo HPT

Metabo HPT Angle Grinder | 4-1/2-Inch | AC Brushless | Variable Speed | 12-Amp Motor | 2,800 - 10,000 Rpm | 1,300W | Slide Switch W/ Trigger Lock-On | 1-Year Warranty | G12VE

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The Metabo HPT Angle grinder has a powerful 12-ampere motor and variable speed settings. You can conveniently change the speed from anywhere between 2800-1000 RPM. The motor in this product is very efficient, which allows the use of a long extension cord without losing much power.

It offers a soft start, which reduces the jerk on the user’s hand. This grinder also offers an ultra-slip grip circumference because of the brushless motor it comes with. You can also find an internal inverter circuit that helps in managing the power load quite well.   

  • It offers a soft start to prevent jerks
  • It’s powerful and durable
  • It features an easy to hold grip, which makes the use convenient  

  • It’s heavy to handle

5) DEWALT Angle Grinder

DEWALT Angle Grinder, Small, 5 to 6-Inch, Variable Speed, Tool Only (DWE43240INOX)

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The DEWALT Angle Grinder comes with a brushless motor. So, you don’t have to run into the hassle of replacing the brushes multiple times. There’s an amazing safety feature known as kickback break. Whenever it senses a stall, pinch, or bind up, it holds the wheel and turns the motor off immediately.  

It also has a power reset system. So, in case of an outage or when the system shuts down, you can turn off the button and then turn it on. This mechanism helps protect the device from any damage. With this model, you can easily change the speed according to your application.

  • The brake takes less than 2 seconds to stop
  • It has a power loss reset button
  • It’s both powerful and durable in nature

  • None

6) DEWALT Angle

DEWALT Angle Grinder, 5 to 6-Inch, Variable Speed, Slide Switch (DWE43240VS)

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Here’s another DEWALT Angle Grinder with variable speed settings. You can find a slide switch, which helps in changing the speed easily. It’s powered by a brushless motor, which is both efficient and powerful. It also has a kick brake mechanism to protect the device and the user from any mishaps. 

It has a no-volt release function, which comes in handy when there’s any power outage or surge. The automatic braking system acts within two seconds and stops the disc from rotating. It can be adjusted from 2000RPM to 9000RPM easily, which makes it useable for different applications. 

  • It’s a powerful device with easy handling
  • Automatic braking system
  • It comes with a brushless motor

  • Average durability

7) Makita 9565CV

Makita 9565CV 120V Variable Speed Angle Grinder, 5-Inch with 4-1/2-Inch - 5-Inch Dust Shroud

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The Makita 9565CV is a 120V variable speed angle grinder. It features the new Super Joint System, which protects gear from getting damaged because of the wheel binding. There’s a variable speed control dial using which you can easily alter the speed for up to five-speed settings. It offers a universal mount. So, you can add almost any disc to it.

It also features soft brushes using which you can prevent the dust particles from escaping. Also, it allows easy movement of the tool on the surface. All in all, the tool is sturdy and easy to handle, even for beginners.

  • It comes with a Super Joint System
  • Variable speed control dial
  • Powerful 120V motor

  • None

8) Makita 9566CV

Makita 9566CV 6' SJS High-Power Cut-Off/Angle Grinder

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The Makita 9566CV is an amazing variable speed angle grinder that comes with a cut-off feature. It is equipped with an SJS or Super Joint System technology that helps prevent the gear damage caused due to wrong wheel binding. It has a powerful 12A motor design that offers better output.

You can alter the speed using the variable speed dial, which is easy to handle. It has a labyrinth construction that protects the motor and internal components from dust and damage. You can find an electronic speed control feature that helps in maintaining constant speed under load. 

  • Soft Start Feature
  • It comes with SJS technology, which helps increase the lifetime
  • It also has an electronic speed control  

  • Simple design


Angle Grinder 7.5-Amp 4-1/2 inch with 2 Grinding Wheels, 2 Cutting Wheels, Flap Disc and Auxiliary Handle AVID POWER (Red)

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The AVID POWER Angle Grinder comes with a 7.5W motor, which has a maximum output of 900 Watts. You can achieve a no-load speed of 11000RPM, which means you can use it for numerous applications. It offers an ergonomic design so you can work with it for a long without aching your hand.

It comes with a spindle lock on the disk grinder, which helps easy replacement of abrasive wheels. It has an auxiliary handle with two positions to alter. So, you can comfortably grip it while using it. The portable grinder comes with a protective cover to protect you from chipping metal and sparks.

  • It’s durable and offers good safety
  • Easy to operate and powerful
  • Ergonomic design

  • Switch quality is cheap

10) Cordless Angle Grinder

Cordless Angle Grinder Tool, T TOVIA 4-1/2-Inch Brushless Electric Variable Speed Angle Grinder with Side Handle and Batery Pack

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The Cordless Angle Grinder Tool is powered with a brushless motor and offers a good RPM of 7500RPM max. It has a dial that allows easy speed variations. You can change the speed from 5500, 6500 to 7500 RPM. There’s a slide power switch that locks the system for prolonged usage.

This model comes with a kickback break that is triggered if there’s a bind-up event. It is ergonomic and comes with a detachable handle for easy and comfortable operation. The 20V powerful battery gets charged quickly and ensures better portability.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Very Safe to operate and battery-powered
  • Durable and comes with a brushless motor

  • You may have to separately purchase the battery 

Buying Guide 

Why Do You Need a product Variable Speed Angle Grinder?

If you’re a mechanic or want to cut, grind, smooth the welds or remove rust from metals, you’ll definitely need this product.

What are the Types of Variable Speed Angle Grinder?

The angle grinders are of the following types:

  • Cordless Angle Grinders: It comes with a battery.
  • Corded Angle Grinders: It has a wire and runs from a direct supply.
  • Pneumatic Angle Grinders: <span style=”font-weight: 400;”>These are used only for precision jobs.
  • Straight Angle Grinders: They’re angled at 90 degrees.

What things to consider while a variable speed angle grinder

  • Corded or Cordless: If you need a portable one, go for cordless. Otherwise, buy a corded one.
  • RPM: More RPM is better. So, go for a grinder with more RPM.
  • Variable-speed or Fixed: If you need it for different purposes, go for the variable one. Otherwise, purchase a fixed one.
  • Power/Amperage: It tells you about how much power it consumes. Make sure to choose as per your requirements.  
  • Durability: It should be durable and sturdy. 
  • Safety: There are safety features like kickback which stops the wheel. So, prefer the one with safety features.


Variable speed angle grinders are an amazing tool, especially for the ones dealing with metal welding. You can perform various operations using this device as the variable speed offers different RPM for different applications. However, choose the best one for better results. You can refer to any of the above-listed grinders as all of them are great. Also, you can read the buying guide and make the right decision.

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