Cordless Angle Grinders Buyers Guide

An angle grinder is definitely one of the important tools that you need to stock in your home as it comes in handy. This gear is fitted with an abrasive disc that helps to cut, grind or polish objects. You can use it to work on metals, stone, or even concrete.

There are many angle grinders available in the market and it may be difficult for you to choose the right one, especially if you are new to this. In this post, we list the important factor that you should consider before buying an angle grinder.

Cordless Angle Grinders

Buying Guide for a Cordless Angle Grinder

Disc Size

The disc is an important part of an angle grinder, and you should consider the size of the disc if you are buying it. The angle grinder has disc sizes available in many forms, ranging from the common 4 inches to the 9 inches in size. The size of the disc or the head of an angle grinder determines the size of the parts that it’s going to cut.

For common works, an angle grinder with less than 7 inches of disc size will be enough. For cutting a larger surface or large depth, you should opt for a larger disc in your grinder. Likewise, a pneumatic angle grinder works better for precision grinding jobs. You should also know that depending upon the motor power, the size of the disc in an angle grinder varies.

Motor Speed

The motor speed is mentioned in revolutions per minute and you must consider it before buying a grinder. The motor in a grinder is powered by various sources such as electricity, petrol, compressed air, etc and the motor speed varies depending upon it. A typical angle grinder has a speed of anywhere between 5000 to 10000 revolutions per minute.

The higher the number of the revolutions, more effective the grinder will be. A high-powered motor in a grinder is capable of sanding, grinding, and cutting. But it can also lead to serious injuries so you have to be careful with it.

Handle and other features

Most people do not give much importance to it but the handle of a grinder should be considered carefully while buying it. The handle should be safe and comfortable to hold so you safely work on it without injuring yourself. The handle should also be adjustable. This feature makes it easy for you to hold on while you are cutting or grinding.

Anti-vibration feature is helpful while using it cause it keeps you safe on handling. A guard should definitely be present on the grinder. It protects you from debris and sparks while you are working

The guard should also be adjustable so you can better position it based on your work style. Safety features such as slow-start, anti-kickback, and paddle switches should also be present in the angle grinder. These features make it safe for you to work on.


The above-given are the important factors that you have to consider before buying a cordless angle grinder. We hope that this post helps you in getting a good angle grinder.

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