Can Angle Grinders Cut Wood?

An angle grinder is one of the most commonly used tools. It can cut through metal, brick, and even concrete. However, cutting wood with an angle grinder is still a question in the minds of many. From a logical standpoint, when a tool is strong enough to cut through hard materials like metal and concrete, it should cut through wood easily. But things are not always what they seem to be. In this article, we will answer the question and let you know how exactly to use an angle grinder on wood blocks.

Can An Angle Grinder Cut Wood?

The simple answer to the question is yes. An angle grinder is strong and capable of cutting through wood. However, an angle grinder is not an ideal tool for wood cutting. As a matter of fact, you should not use an angle grinder if it is a large chunk of wood as there could be safety concerns. You should only use an angle grinder for small wood blocks. 

As far as the ideal wood cutting tools are concerned, you can use saws like circular saws, hand saws, jigsaws, and likewise. They offer safety as well as precision in cutting any size of wood easily. However, if you already have an angle grinder and you do not want to buy a saw, you have to select a better blade for your grinder.

Choosing The Best Blade For Angle Grinder To Cut Wood 

Cutting wood with a standard blade of the angle grinder can be risky and inefficient. There is a wood carving disc available that you should use for cutting wood. This reduces the risk of an accident as a carving disc is specially designed for piercing through the wood. Besides, the cutting will be smooth and precise. In fact, you can use an angle grinder wood carving disc for cutting hardwood and plywood.

How To Cut Wood With Angle Grinder?

Step 1 – Get Ready 

Cutting wood with an angle grinder is risky, and hence, you have to wear all the protective gear possible. This includes a helmet, goggles, gloves, apron, mask, and all the items that come with a proper PPE kit. 

Step 2 – Set The Blade

You must have bought a wood carving disc blade for your angle grinder. You need to install it securely so that it does not become loose during operation. Any wobbling can lead to a major accident. In between the operation, you should continuously check the blade and adjust as per requirement. 

Step 3 – Cutting The Wood

With an angle grinder, you have to start with smaller cuts. You should not aim for a big cut initially as it is not an ideal tool for wood cutting. Do not force the blade too hard such that the blade becomes loose while taking the grinder out of the cut wood.

Step 4 – Angular Cuts

An angle grinder is not like a saw, and hence, you should cut the wood at a slight angle. This will prevent any kickback effect, and you will get better leverage for cutting wood for a longer time. 


It is better to cut wood with saws, but angle grinders can do the job with a wood carving disc blade. However, there is considerable risk involved, and you should only cut small blocks of wood instead of large chunks. Take all the safety measures and be slow and steady while operating. 

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